Ferguson reveals Real Madrid and Arsenal wanted to sign 18-year-old Ronaldo

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Ferguson reveals Real Madrid and Arsenal wanted to sign 18-year-old Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo won a fifth Ballon d'Or on Thursday evening and Sir Alex Ferguson detailed afterwards how both Real Madrid and Arsenal wanted to sign the player when he was 18 years of age. The veteran coach signed Ronaldo from Sporting CP when he was a teenager and oversaw his development into the best footballer in the world by 2008, a year before he would leave Manchester for Madrid.In an interview with magazine France Football, the former Aberdeen coach made clear how it was the Portuguese forward's performance in a friendly that convinced สโบเบท him to pursue his signature."I spoke with Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes and he said we had to hurry because Arsenal and Real Madrid wanted to sign him," he explained."I told Ronaldo to join us."He explained he'd have to talk with his mother about it."Such was the club's determination to sign the teenage star, a private plane was chartered for Ronaldo and his family to travel to Manchester.As part of the agreement there was a clause that Ronaldo would be gradually introduced into the first team, สโบเบท something which Ferguson feels played in Manchester United's favour."I think his mother and Jorge Mendes were impressed by the promise that such a young boy wouldn't be thrust into the first team," he intimated."We had a plan so that he could adapt calmly to life at the club."By 2009, the 15 million euro investment turned into a 94m euro sale to Los Blancos, as Manchester United recouped a world record transfer fee at the time, although the coach never wanted to sell his best player."Ramon Calderon wanted to win re-election and used Ronaldo as an electoral weapon, that wasn't right," he said."In 2009, Florentino Perez became president and it became easier to handle the transfer with him."Mendes was extraordinary; he sacrificed his own financial interests for the benefit of the player's career." Since moving to Real Madrid, Ronaldo has now won four more Ballon d'Or awards, including this year's edition.สโบเบท

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