Beautiful painters on the paint to Messi.

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Beautiful painters on the paint to Messi.

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Lionel Messi spearheaded Barcelona, ​​receiving a great gift after Paraguayan painter Lilliano Castro painted the story of Messi on the field and handed it to the Argentine star. Jenn It has been since he was a child. To the scene when celebrating the door. These studs are the work of Ligurian painter Paraguay. He was impressed with the life and success of Messi so much that he decided to memorize it by putting it on the shoe. Each image is drawn by his own hand.The figure that Gutierrez depicts is depicted in the childhood of Messi in Argentina, the image of the subject with Antoine, Rocky Cuzco, his wife, the image of the Argentine shooting star. The two of them, the image that celebrated the door with Ronaldinho and the figure he celebrated the door in front of the fans of Real Madrid, etc. The 30-year-old Shin looks satisfied. With stiletto shoes This is enoughsbobet ca

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