Many teams are ready to play this game.

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Many teams are ready to play this game.

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Jose Mourinho, Manchester United's defender, is set to leave the squad for the second-half market, but Henrik Mitchat, midfielder Armenian national team is in the squad.Jose Mourinho, manager of the Manchester United giants of the English Premier League, said that he did not close the opportunity to release the players in the market in the second half of January.During the past several players of Manchester United were reported to have been dropped, especially Henrik Mitchitt, Armenian midfielder and Marlon Fellini midfielder Belgian national team at the same time. "Red Devils" is reported that the money to buy Alexis Sanchez spearhead Arsenal to join the team in the first month of 2018 as well."My idea about the players is that all players can move. It does not matter who he is, no matter what level he is, no matter how famous he is. Or how great is that? I think every player has the opportunity to move the team. "sbobet member

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