SBO REPORT: La Porte Statistics

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SBO REPORT: La Porte Statistics

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Manchester City to launch new Emerald lazy to new members. After moving from Athletic Bilbao with a club record value of 58 million pounds.Manchester City sergeant English Premier League announced to grab the Emerald la Poste Athletic Bilbao defender in the Spanish La Liga battle to the Ecuador Stadium is a good place. The official On Tuesday, January 30th.The 23-year-old Frenchman is worth 58 million pounds (about 2,610 million baht), which is a new record for the club. Breaking old record was bought by Kevin DeBrunne, Belgian national team midfielder from Wolfsburg with a fee of 55 million pounds (about 2,475 million) in 2015. LaPorte has been with Bilbao since 2012, and Joe Pacquiao, consultant "Blue Blades" have been interested since last summer.สโบเบท

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