Conte? 5 Chelsea midfielder bounced

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Conte? 5 Chelsea midfielder bounced

Mensagempor soksophoan » Ter Fev 06, 2018 8:10 am

After the defeat of Chelsea against Watford 1-4 last night. It was a loss to 2 consecutive games after losing to Bournemouth 0-3 in the game, then the situation of Antonio Conte random risk of being thrown away every moment. Among the current links with Louis Enrique, former Barcelona manager. Conte is not the first manager to be released by Chelsea in mid-season. The "blue lion indigo" is another team that often changes the manager during the season to see on a regular basis.Do not count on the team's work now. The future of the Italian coach is already covered. Previously there was a personal problem with the team as Diego Costa pioneered the good. I have to move out of the team on the past summer. And even more so, this season there is a problem with David Luiz and dropped out of the team to several games together. There is a problem with the team. Also came out to criticize the management board that was working late to miss many target players. Including the release of the Manchester United for Manchester United is the beginning of the club with a fracture ever since. It's not surprising if Conte is being released shortly. sbo666

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